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EDIN members are European organisations of different sectors (business, science, non-governmental and public) and of different size (small, medium and huge corporations) from all over Europe.

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Diversity Hub is the initiator and founder of the EDIN Network. We are the leading think tank in Poland in the field of Diversity and Inclusion, whose aim is to provide expert knowledge, share experiences and best practices, as well as support business in reaping benefits from diversity. By carrying out various activities in this field, we usher in societal change, in line with the idea of “changing business for the better with diversity, building an open and friendly world for all”. The activity of the Diversity Hub encompasses expert support (D&I strategies, studies, consulting, and training) for the largest corporations, backed by an in-depth understanding of the corporate market (benchmark, surveys, collaboration with nearly 200 corporations), international experiences, as well as research and development activities, including custom tools and methodologies, such as the D&I Audit system.

ASDPESO founded in 2004, is a private, non-profit, institution of social solidarity, recognised for public benefit, which integrates four entities: 3 schools, Dumiense Futebol-SAD, agricultural cooperative and Centre for Personal and Social Development (CPSD). CPSD has relevant work in other associated clusters of schools, it is important to highlight its ASDPESO Academy, made up of 6 schools: School of Arts, Sport, School of Being, School of Knowledge, Languages and School of Parents and Grandparents. Within the scope of cultural dynamism, conferences, debates and gatherings are held, which aim to reflect, in particular, on education and teacher training.

BrainLog is a non-profit organization developing and managing national and international funded projects focusing on innovation and education within business development, web and mobile applications, entrepreneurship, innovation within sport and wellbeing, non-formal education, and social inclusion in Denmark. We are involved in a number of Transnational European Projects and have established a network of reliable national and international partners.

CEIPES – International Centre for the Promotion of Education and Development is an international non-profit association founded in Palermo in 2007 and with antennas in other 8 European countries.
We believe that education and development are fundamental values to achieve peace and dignity for all human beings. Each individual and community has the potential to fulfill its rights. CEIPES acts as a facilitator for activating the community, through an educational approach in order to create and transform energy and resources. This process is necessary for both individual and social development.
The mission of CEIPES is to foster and support the sustainable development of local communities and individuals’ empowerment through education and training, human rights and international cooperation.

CSES was first founded as a project (funded by the European Social Fund) and part of Stockholm University in the year 2011. In 2014 CSES became a free-standing national NGO, targeting all of Sweden.
CSES supports social entrepreneurship in Sweden and Europe through the development of tools and methods that coach, support and promote entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship and innovation.
CSES is also active within the field of diversity and inclusion, exchange of knowledge and best practices. CSES has put efforts into developing tools and solutions to support inclusion and diversity in an entrepreneurial environment.

Educational Co-operation Foundation (ECF) is a Bulgarian non-profit legal entity entitled to provide public services since 2001. The Foundation has an efficient team of 5 members and 2 volunteers, and works closely with a large pool of experts in the field of integration and re-integration of children into education and personal and professional development of young people. Our team also develops innovative methodologies for general education, youth policies, curricular and extracurricular activities, teachers’ training, coaching and mentoring. ECF portfolio demonstrates significant experience both as a leading and partner organisation in a variety of projects and initiatives at the national, regional, European, as well as international level.


Einurd was founded in 2010 as an organization involved in adult education and community development. The organization employs experts in management, research, education and training. Einurd customers are mostly non-profit organizations including schools and education centers on all levels from preschools to universities as well as organizations and centers of innovation and community development. Einurd business and operation include: consulting, research, surveys, development of educational resources, equal pay auditing and validation of informal learning, development of curriculums and training models both face to face and distributed or e-learning. Einurd has also provided organizations with trained project managers for local, transnational, long- and short-term projects.

I & F Education – we are an Irish organisation working in and from Dublin for the educational development of people of all ages, especially in the areas of language acquisition, sport and personal development, youth and entrepreneurship, inclusion and diversity.
We are involved in a number of Transnational European Projects and are part of The New Ideas for New Opportunities European Network.

INSTITUT INPRO, a.s. (INPRO) is an educational and counseling organization that operates mainly in the field of adult education and vocational training in the conceptual frame of lifelong learning. The organization has been originally established already in 1971 as a branch educational institute for the engineering industry and since 1997 is active on the market with adult education provision in the current form. INPRO employs approx. 8 specialists as full-time staff and, in addition, it cooperates with approximately 100 well-selected freelancers – external educators, teachers, trainers and advisors.

Know & Can Association is set up in March 2007 in Sofia, Bulgaria. It works mainly in the field of non-formal education and on European projects and programs in education, rights, justice, citizenship and mobility. It is a licensed center for career counseling and an educational training provider. It has partners in all EU countries, Latin America, Turkey, Albania, Northern Macedonia and Serbia. Know and Can expertise is in non-formal education; elaboration and management of projects and educational programs and services; training; delivering and implementation of educational programs for acquiring new knowledge and skills; applying modern methods and techniques for the development of non-formal and informal education; cooperation with organizations and institutions working in the field of education and educational services, justice and human rights; soft, civic and working skills training; educational training programs to promote the enhancement of qualification of pedagogical staff.


LUV takes an active part in the regional community by improving the educational structure of the population, motivating and informing the members of the community, and involving them in formal and non-formal educational programmes for adults and youngsters. The unique, interactive digital learning environment is focused on providing interdisciplinary content with learning by doing and playful learning methodologies. LUV also delivers social integration programme for people with a distance to labour market focusing on improving their employment chances. LUV is actively involved in various local, regional and national initiatives and actions (Life-long learning week, educational festivals and other events).

Merseyside Expanding Horizons Ltd (MEH) is an established voluntary and community sector organisation working in the field of social inclusion on Merseyside and is a key stakeholder and influential support body. MEH focus on Social Inclusion through partnership to deliver projects supporting disadvantaged individuals into employment, training and self-employment and social enterprise development through a wide range of informal learning methodologies, we deliver services to and support a range of excluded groups. MEH are adaptable and are present at both strategic and grassroots level. MEH has established links with associates, public sector organisations and decision-makers working within the youth and adult education supporting a number of regional initiatives to support excluded individuals into learning and the labour market.

My Training Box creates & develops solutions for education and training. Complete digital training solutions. High-quality digital scientific and pedagogical content. Collaborative projects.

OECON Group is a Consulting Group with Entities in Greece, Bulgaria and Cyprus. We have worked efficiently with more than 500 European Projects and Financial Schemes. We combine experience with a fresh touch since we have been operating since 2003, yet our Team is Active, Updated and Strongly Motivated. The quality and the long-term sustainability of a project are important to us and that is why we invest in long-term goals and networks.
We invest in Human Relations both Internally and Externally. Our Tem is our Great Asset. We invest in Training and Networking, while our Corporate Culture is unique in Greece and Bulgaria. We support our Networks, building long-term relations, supporting our partners and our beneficiaries.
Our experience varies in Social Projects supporting Gender Equality, Minorities in the Economy, Migrants in Social Life. We are proud members of several Female Entrepreneurial Networks. We are proud initiators of the biggest European Network that supports ROMA people into the Economy, the PAL Network.
Since 2017 we have developed a Virtual Hub for supporting Young People in the Economy, the Smart Umbrella Hub. In 2020 we are launching our new Entity CUBE focused on Social Enterprises and Circular Economy.

PRISM originates from the heart of the Sicilian inland, upon the initiative of professionals working in the field of intercultural cooperation and dialogue, both on European and international level.
The mission of PRISM Association is to create opportunities for the development of the territories where it operates, in order to promote them internationally on an economic, cultural and social level.
PRISM is designed as a qualified development agent, able to intercept and implement on a local level the support and development policies promoted by supranational organisations, in particular the European Commission (i.e. through structural funds and programmes managed by different DG of the Commission), but also the Country, Regions and other international organisations.
In this framework, PRISM operates both directly and in collaboration and support of public bodies and private organisations interested in adopting such tools, thus encouraging the dissemination of good practices and the transferring of know-how.
PRISM promotes excellence as well as the professional and entrepreneurial competence present in the local area, particularly of young people, providing them with valid support for their expression on the European and international level.
PRISM is dedicated to research and training in the field of cooperation and internationalisation as well as to the promotion of the opportunities that these activities provide; in particular, PRISM performs an analysis of both common challenges and strengths of Euro-Mediterranean territories, planning and promoting solutions and shared interventions.

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