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Who we are

EDIN is a group of D&I professionals who want to share interests and to support each other in development through regular mutual interactions. Development, learning, getting to know, building the professional competences is the goal, not a side effect of the network. This element clearly distinguishes the EDIN community of practice from classic networks. We believe that cooperation as international, diverse group we really do the impact and get empowerment to act to work on social change.

Our story

European D&I Network was launched in October 2017 by Diversity Hub – the leading think tank in Poland in the field of Diversity and Inclusion, as an international project. The main goal was to prepare further projects in the field of promotion and implementation of D&I in business and social environment and to expand the cooperation of organizations involved in this subject as well as to increase our impact to the European level. As a group of organisations focused around D&I topics we’ve to build a unique network based on real cooperation.

As time passed, the idea has developed and we incubate to the community of practice – the network focused on the relationship itself, the interaction between people and organizations involved in it. For the member organisations, it is also an important element of both running a business and building an expressive, influential brand.

Values that bring us together

Diversity and Inclusion – idea around which we build our competences and professional expert position. Participation in the community allows us to further develop these competencies by working with people who are equally deeply immersed in D&I issues. It can be said that we have a common need to learn or develop on a specific topic. Therefore, it is not a gathering of random people who were attracted only by the interesting subject of training or meetings. We are a group of people who deliberately strive to develop in the substantive area of D&I, which we consider to be our area of competence.

We are not only the network but we are Community of Practice. EDIN brings together real practitioners. Focusing our interests around a common domain is crucial, but not enough. It is not enough to be interested in the subject of inclusive leadership, openness to a disability, or age in management. We – people and organizations involved in EDIN – are not so much interested, as actually dealing with given issues, we come into contact with them in our daily work. However, we need to raise our expert level, sharing experiences, inventing solutions, creating a new quality that would be difficult to achieve on our own. As a result of EDIN activities, knowledge resources are created that affect the professional practice of the involved people and business.

A key element of EDIN is regular interaction between the people involved. We build a community around real, regular cooperation in solving problems and taking up challenges in a common area of interest. This does not mean that EDIN members work together on a daily basis. We share a sense of belonging and shared responsibility for the community, and a willingness to share our knowledge with others.

The network is led by high-class D&I practitioners and experienced project managers.

About Us

EDIN is the network aimed at sharing the knowledge and experience in the field of D&I management.

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